A little start

Well, this is my first post. Yes, everything is original and yes, my name is real. I guess no one gives a shit about that, so I will go on
I guess this is a blog about nothing at all, because it’s impossible to contain all of my ideas and so on. This will be about life in general, not necessarily subjective, because nobody cares about anybody’s life while reading a blog.
I am a 19 year old boy, nothing else matters about me. Why? Because we are all alike, either we acknowledge it or not. We all have the same feelings in a lot of situations, we all feel pain, we all have senses. What really matters is how we are born, with what we are gifted at birth, either if it’s strictly connected to us or not.
I guess it’s hard to realize our place on the Earth, which is meaningless. As we naturally should be all alike, what we do eventually is linked to our birth, everything we do after it depends on it almost exclusively.
So yes, these will be my types of posts, get used to them if you want to follow me. See you soon.

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