Changing yourself

Well, hello again. It didn’t take long for me to post again, so here I am! This article will be all about, guess what? The title.

Changing yourself for your happiness is not an easy task. Many prefer to remain the same just to avoid this responsibility of being another human being. No, I am not saying that everyone SHOULD change itself, but, as soon as one has problems, we all tend to blame it one someone else.

So yes, why shouldn’t we look further than ourselves? I mean, after all, we are the only personalities we are capable of changing. We are only responsible for our actions. The society we live in is the art of each and every one of us, more or less. Thus, it is hard to demand something that you don’t deserve, as an individual or a simple member of society.

The society is created by humans, in order to establish rules that will help us live better, we will never completely agree with each other, so we must start by understanding completely what we exactly want.

So, changing is definetely not neccesary, but it certainly is when it comes to facing our own problems and making our own rules.


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