Is anything worth anything?

Walking down the street, with numerous thoughts running through my mind just like a train rushed through a station made me wonder: is there any viable connection between what I am thinking and what will eventually happen?

Well, for the moment, certainly.. but afterwards? Does anything that we do just STAY? It is hard to believe that. We are too little for anything. We can’t know anything for sure, nothing is concrete. Everything that we do in life vanishes almost instantly with our death. So the question is: why do we care so much? Why do we care about what others think? Everything vanishes as the vodka disappears from a russian heavy drinker’s glass, so subtle, yet so sure.

As the drinker continues to drink, knowing he will run out of vodka, we do that in a same measure with our lives, we know that it will end, but it doesn’t stop us from doing what makes us happy or, for some, just surviving.

Nothing stays in life, everything is mobile. Yes, mobile and relative, like a piece of Play D’Oh. You can change its form, you can look at it in multiple ways, even though for everyone, it is the same chunk of dough, life, which, even though it is different for anybody looking at the aspect of it, it is all the same when it regards death. Practically, it’s a restart.

So  what if I make a bad decision to ruin my apperently “lovely” life. It’s not like it will matter whatsoever. Yes, you might have burned the crust of the pie, but the filling is still good and unchangeable, apperently. This is a delicate subject, I could go on for ages, if you disagree, leave a comment.


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