Good and Evil


What is good and what is evil? This is the question. Should we believe our basic society or religious rules? Are those the ones to follow when it comes to acknowledging the difference between these two apparently opposite terms?

Well, maybe we should dig deeper, maybe we should realize that things are not known, and by things, I mean almost everything. Imagine a battle between two completely different entities, without knowing exactly with what weapons they will battle. We do not know what these concepts contain.

For instance, even though the Bible writes about the Ten Commandments, it doesn’t mean that it is reasonable to believe that it represents being good. Maybe not harming the society immediately will make the world a better place to live, but not in the long run and not for each and every one of us. Not killing a person may seem like the good thing to do, but we are not considering the fact that the killed person may have done the same thing to others or would do it if he hadn’t be killed. Thus, there are numerous aspects that we have to consider. Is our action indeed good or evil? No one will tell, no one knows what our goal on Earth is, if you have such a goal, equity is not equity anymore, life is not fair on it’s own, everyone fights for himself, so it is absurd to make categories of anything. Even the most opposing concepts can be united. Taking away a life, for instance, cannot be considered as a punishment, because no one knows what happens after.

Laws will continue to be laws, that can’t change, because the jungle days are far away from us in this modern society, but one cannot exclude the possibility of classifying a good deed as a bad one, or vice-versa. We are known to be judged strictly by people, because only they are known for sure, this system of values can fail, however, the result being inequity, it’s pretty weird…


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